Five Wine Tasting Tips

Sicily has almost 400 wine producers and is a perfect destination for those passionate about wine. Many vineyards also offer wine tasting and some along with a typical Sicilian lunch. You do not have to be a wine expert to go wine tasting, make the wine world yours where you decide if you like the wine or not. Five things to take with you for a wine tasting:

1) Smell and taste Repeat this several times tasting a wine. Perhaps you will not taste the peach or oak in the wine that some around you may, your sense of smell plays a huge role in your sense of taste. You decide what you taste and smell, and if you like the wine. Take a strong whiff of the wine before tasting it, then you will taste the flavors better.

2) Ask Questions When the sommelier talks about the wine, its production, grapes, production techniques, they often forget that others do not understand their language. You can interrupt the Sommelier with questions, it is usually appreciated and shows interest. Take notes and compare to future wine tastings.

3) Side Dishes Ask to be served water, bread and/ or biscuits for the wine tasting. It is perfect food to clear the mouth between the wines.

4) Spit or Swallow? Well, it is up to you. If you do not like the wine, leave it. Wine tasting is to find wines you like to drink.

5) Perfumes Avoid perfumes and perfumed hand- and body creams for the wine tasting. The neck and hand will be close to your nose and will effect the flavors of the wine.

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