Meet Stellan Hökfelt: Writer and Developer of Know-how Food and Beverages

Sicily Wine & Dine met Stellan Hökfelt from Sweden for a chat about wine and food. He also shared the best tips when tasting wine, and also his favorite food and wine pairing. Read the interview below and enjoy!

1) Who are you, and what do you do? 

My name is Stellan Hökfelt. I am a writer and develop know-how about food and beverages. I work for a more inclusive food and beverage communication.

2 ) Three advices when tasting wine?

Wine develops its taste and sensitivity under stillness in oak barrels, steel tanks and bottles. Wine taste is more refined if you let the bottle stand straight up a couple of days before opening it. Then open and pour avoiding too much movement, and do not spin the glass, just drink normally. Spinning the glass gives an unnatural balance between the acid and the fruitiness of the wine. In addition, you raise the taste volume which hinders you to feel the finest parts in the wine. Spinning the glass makes the wine taste more, but it’s never like drinking. Drinking the wine is the purpose of the wine, and spinning the glass does not lead to an understanding of the wine’s natural sensitive taste.

3) Most peculiar thing wine tasters do?

The most surprising is that the wine industry does not clearly understand the difference between drinking wine and tasting wine, which gives wines a style increasingly  more pleasing the wine tasters than meeting the wine drinkers. The wine is a natural product with an identity collected from nature, climate and soil. Identity and sensuality go hand in hand in our understanding of ourselves, and thus also the understanding of our world and understanding of life. Wine drinking is what gives wine understanding as calmly as possible.

4) Your favourite food and wine pairing?

Pairing food and beverages is an endless way to enjoy the world of flavors. First step is to define the wines balance between acidity, fruitiness and possibly asperity. Meet this the right way and enjoy. For example the the Swedish pickled herring’s aciditys meeting with the champagne’s acidity, or fried pork with onion sauce meeting the champagne between the saltiness in the food and the acid in the champagne, and in the champagne that meets the onion sauce sweetness, gives a delicate meeting of flavors.

Stellan Hökfelt

Writer and Developer of Know-how Food and Beverages


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