Organic Export

2008 started our adventure in the organic export field. Had the knowledge of organic lifestyle with me from Sweden, but did not have much know how about organic produce and the commercial process. I was hired by a Sicilian organic summer squash and pepper producer to market their products and this way I started to learn italian. By time buyers started to ask for more products and I decided to start an consultancy to be able to work for more producers.

First years I had to learn everything from the start; produce in the greenhouses and open fields, varieties, seasons, problems that may occur, transport networks, and be able to understand arrival issues just by studying the photos buyers send. The same time I started to build up a market and target together with the producers which customers and countries we would like to connect with.

After all these years we have grown to export organic fruits and vegetables all over Europe keeping the same philosphy as from the beginning, to be a local support for Sicilian fresh producers and work without speculation on foods to end customer.


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