Almond Pastries Mix Box – 12 pieces (500gr)


Craft Food/ Handmade

12 pieces/ circa 500gr


Producer: Local pastry shop

Yearly Quantity: Depends on season

Zone: Giardini- Naxos, Sicily

Mix box contains three of each; Classic almond (up left), Pistacchio (up right), Orange (down right) and Toasted almonds (down left).

NOTE! Pastries are made when you place an order. It can in some cases delay your shipping one or two days.

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Product Description

Color: Depends on pastry; Green, beige, white, brown, light yellow

Shelf Life: 6-7 weeks after production

Scent: Depends on pastry; Almonds, pistachio, orange, sweet

Taste: Sweet and scent of each pastry’s variety

Food Pairing: Suits well to coffee, almond liquor or wine, red wine or with nothing

Pastry is produced and formed by hand, no machinery is used. All ingredients comes from Sicily.