Ape Nera Honey 140gr – Thyme


Craft Foods/ Handmade

140 gr

Variety: Thyme

Producer: Ape Nera

Yearly Quantity: 950 kg

Zone: Ragusa, Sicily

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Product Description

Color: From light amber to amber. Slow crystallization.

Consistancy: Crystallizes couple of months after harvest, forming a fairly compact mass, with fine or medium crystals.

Scent: Intense. Between the floral and spicy. Can remind of cloves, mulled wine, aromatic wood…

Taste: Fair acidity. Intense aroma, with a more “essential oil” note.

Additional Information: In ancient times the Iblea honey enjoyed great fame, second only to greek Monte Imetto honey; both these honeys botanical origins were the same, the thyme. Thyme was praised by poets like Virgil, Ovid and Theocritus. The thyme honey, in dialect “U meli ri satra”, is the cornerstone of the Iblea culinary art. It is produced between the rocks of the Iblei Mountains from June to July.