Bio Kit Pasta Alla Norma – Organic Dinner for Two


Organic/ Artisan food

560 gr

Quantity: Dinner for two persons

Contents*: Pasta made with durum Semolina wheat, Tomato sauce, Aubergine, Cottage Cheese

Producer: Giardini del Mediterraneo

Yearly Quantity: Limited

Zone: Marina di Ragusa, Sicily


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Product Description

Color: Beige, yellow, orange, red

Shelf Life: 12 months after production

Scent: Light (pasta) to strong (cheese) and vegetable mix

Taste: Pasta,vegetable mix and cheese

Produced in an old-fashioned traditional Sicilian style with organic ingredients. The package includes preparation instructions.

Pasta alla Norma is one of the most traditional Sicilian dishes originally from Catania.

From organic farming


*Detailed ingredient list:

Pasta: Durum Semolina wheat, Water.

Pre-cooked aubergine: Auberinge, Olive oil extra virgin, Sunflower seed oil, E330 (acidity regulator)

Tomato Sauce: Cherry tomato 97%, Sugar, Salt, Olive oil extra virgin, Onions, Basil

Cheese: Cow milk, salt