Nibali Red Wine – Vinazzu I.G.T 2015


Craft Wine

Year: 2015

Grape: Nerello Mascalese

Alcohol: 15,00 %

Bottle size: 0.75 l

Serve at:  16 °C

Pairing: Aged cheeses, chark, meat, spiced fish, soups, dark chocolate.

Yearly Quantity: 650 bottles

Type:  Red

Producer: Vino Nibali

Zone: Passopisciaro, Etna north

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Product Description

Tasting: Nice taste from strong old fashioned aromas, luxurious feeling. Technically the wine is similar to an Amarone in later stages where the grape dried on the vine. Rich in polyphenols and tannins with a high alcoholic content and very low in sulphites.

Technical: Harvest in November, so called “late harvest”. Specially selected grapes and harvested carefully. Manual work process with natural organic fertilization. Prevalent treatments based on Bordolese mash (compose of copper sulphate and hydrated lime) and sulphur. The wine rests in steel tanks, bottling after three years.

Winery: Vineyards with sapling and espalier made at 600 m. The wine is developed after several years of research and finally based on the typical Etna grape, Nerello Mascalese, using techniques from over 100 years ago. The yield is very low, less than 30%. Age of the vineyard is 60-100 years. Wine field built on terraces where the wind passes easily between the ranks and excess water flows away. Family owned wine fields with wine production since 1880.

Additional Information: Ideal as a meditation wine. For wine collectors