Nicolagumina Jam 350 gr – Pear Coscia


Natural/ Craft food

350 gr

Ingredients: Pears “Coscia”*, brown sugar, lemon juice. Contains fruit pieces.

Producer: Nicolagumina

Yearly Quantity: 100 cans

Zone: Castiglione di Sicilia, Sicily

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Product Description

Color: Dark orange

Shelf Life: 24 months after production

Scent: Like a freshly peeled pear

Taste:  Pears, light sweet taste. Contains fruit pieces

Food Pairing: Cheeses, cookies, pancakes, cakes

Produced in an old-fashioned traditional Sicilian style with natural ingredients only. Fruit content is 60 grams per 100 gr. Fruit comes from the family’s wineyard, altitude of the yard is 750 m.a.s.l. by the north side of Etna. In this particular area the temperature varies much from day and night, the soil is volcanic.

From natural farming. The yard is in an organic process and should receive certificate 2019/ 2020.


* Coscia pears are typically from Etna area but has its origins from China. Etna area gives the pears a higher quality but smaller size than normal. Thanks to volcano soil the pears are rich in nutrients and natural sugar.