Pasta Madre Organic Seaweed Spirulina 2% – Conchiglie 500gr


Organic/ Craft foods

500 gr

Ingredients: Sicilian durum wheat Semolina, Spirulina Algae (seaweed) produced in Sicily 2%, water

Cooking time: 5-6 minutes

Producer: Pasta Madre

Yearly Quantity: Very Limited

Zone: Catenanuova, Sicily


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Product Description

Color: Turquoise blue

Shelf Life: 24 months after production

Scent: Light

Taste: Light, very light seaweed

Food Pairing: Suits well to sauces, oven baked dishes

Handmade, bronze-cut, slow drying, hand-packaged.

Spirulina Algae, seaweed, is one of the healthiest, most nutritious foods on the planet. Contains much iron and antioxidants.

Sicilian Spirulina Algae pasta from organic farming. Produced in small batches of 25 kg at a time using water at low temperatures, maximum 37 °C. The dough is worked for at least twenty minutes before going on to the extrusion. The drying takes place at low temperatures, 35 – 39 °C, for 18 to 40 hours, obtaining almost natural drying as “old times” when pasta was drying in frames under the Sicilian sun and warm wind.

From organic farming

Vegan friendly

Contains low natural gluten


Additonal information: Before buying this pasta we recommend to have some background knowledge of algae pasta and it’s health benefits. This pasta is made in “old style”, therefore you do not need to cook as much quantity as other pasta.