Quattrocieli Organic White Wine – Jocu I.G.T 2017


Year: 2017

Grape: Catarratto

Alcohol: 12,50 %

Bottle size: 0.75 l

Serve at:  10 °C

Pairing: Pizza, light pasta, white meats, fruits

Yearly Quantity: 3000 bottles

Type:  White

Producer: Quattrocieli

Zone: Alcamo, west Sicily

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Product Description

Tasting: Fruity and fresh with light acid taste first seconds, to soften up and followed by a long elegant aftertaste. You may taste some peach and light citrus. A nice social wine. Let the wine breathe 10 minutes before consumption.

Technical: Grapes are treated only with sulphur if necessary. Harvest and grapes selected by hand end of September. Maceration by cooling of the grapes and soft pressing with controlled temperature. Wine refines in steel tanks for six months.

Winery: Altitude of the yard is 600 m.a.s.l. Located in mountain area where the yards are planted on a mountain slope and are constantly ventilated. Effected by both sunrise and sunset. The first successful production was 2015 after five years of experimentation. Wines are made in traditional Sicilian style, mostly by hand. The winery wants to keep the production traditional to celebrate Sicily’s agricultural history. From organic farming.

Background Story: Quattrocieli (Four Skies in italian) has two significations. The wineries yards are located on four (Quattro in Italian) different soils an effected by four different skies (Cieli in Italian). Other signification is that one of the most famous poets, Cielo D’Alcamo, living during the times of Dante, came from Alcamo where the wineyard is located.

Jocu means Game in Sicilian. This was the first wine from the winery. Producing and balancing it was a hard game for them.

The children has created this winery to make their fathers dream come true. Instead of selling the grapes as their father had to do, they decided make their own wine with grapes from family’s soil. Their father never had the occasion, but the children invested in this adventure as a Thank You to their father and for his struggles in life.