Scirocco Bio Organic Sauce 330gr – Yellow SanMarzanino


Organic/ Craft foods

330 gr

Ingredients: Yellow Marzanino tomato 98%, olive oil extra virgin, salt

Producer: Scirocco Bio

Yearly Quantity: Limited

Zone: Marina di Ragusa, Sicily


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Product Description

Color: Yellow

Shelf Life: 24 months after production

Scent: Sweet tomato, light olive

Taste: Sweet tomato, light salt and olive

Food Pairing: Suits for all kinds of sauces, casseroles, baked dishes and gourmet plates as decoration

Produced in an old-fashioned traditional Sicilian style with natural preservatives; olive oil and salt. Ingredients comes from so called second line production, organic fresh produce rejected by the commercial market due to small aesthetical defects but fully edible.

From organic farming