Carricante – An indigenous Etna grape

Carricante is the primary indigenous Etna white grape. Produced both as single variety and blended with Catarratto. Produces high yields therefor from the dialect name Carricante means “overloaded”.

Produces fresh wines with high acidity, which suits well for aging. Adapts well to high diurnal temperature (hot days, cool nights) which gives benefit to the grapes to ripen slowly for a late harvest end of September. Aromas are often towards citrus, apple and herbal. Suits well for oak and malolactic fermentation to give honey and creamy flavours.
Best area to grow Carricante is on the East slopes of Etna, the Milo area, and has been growing there for over 1000 years. East slope is an area facing the Mediterranean sea.

The grape is also locally known as Catanese bianco.
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