Etna Urban Winery – Wine in a half million city

It took me some time to get this winery together as it is so much. Family owned since late 1700 with wine produce since start arriving to last harvest 1979. Then deciding if to sell as commercial land had high prices, or invest in wine produce again.

Well 2018 first Nerello Mascalese vines were planted, and project was funded in a very innovative way. Calling in wine lovers all over the world with the pitch “buy your future wine today and we send it in couple of years”. This gave the start not having to involve classic ways.

This year Etna Urban Winery released their very first red wine, a blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. Before relying 100% including neighbor wines for tasting, they can now include one of their own too.

The earnings are step by step reinvested to make the winery grow as the philosophy is to create origins, traditions and bring in the urban winery motto “green activities in city areas.”

This winery is a true story of “if there is a will and effort put in, ones dreams can come true!”

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