Cantina del Malandrino – The natural bandit

Sicilian natural winery Cantina del Malandrino organized a natural wine party where also other local producers were welcomed with own wines.

This winery is very special to where a rural road is leading you on the East side of Etna. When you have climbed, climbed and climbed thinking the road is not leading anywhere… you have actually arrived!An ongoing natural wine project for 20 years now on 28 hectars of land with also a Eco Tourism for you to stay. This “20 year thing” gave a several day thought for my mind as I come from a fast phased economy and working 20 years step by step on a project is quite unlikely for a Swede. For us it is 20 weeks and all done already yesterday. So this was a good mind sport to bring home. Sicily is slow economy and after 15 years here still not used to it.

First Nerello Mascalese was planted 2005Restore works for rustic buildings on the land started 2010First 500 bottles were on the market 2011. Cantina del Malandrino means The bandits winery.

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