Etna Winery | Biodynamic Vino di Anna – A “no label” natural way

This winery is France meets Australia on one of the most expanding wine districts in the world, Etna in Sicily.

Vino di Anna is a quite unique winery on the northern side of Etna, in the heart of the Etna wine district. Family owned by Anna from Australia and Eric from France, who visited the area 2008 and decided to establish a natural and biodynamic winery starting 2010. What is special about Vino di Anna is that they do not use any DOC, Etna nor year on labels or anything else, the wines are classified as “table wine” and every step is done by hand. Yes, everything from pruning, harvest, pressing, labelling and so on.

Vines grow from 650 to 1200 m.a.s.l. with minimal intervention in the making. No additives, clarification nor filtration just in some cases a minimal usage of SO2 and fermentation is by indigenous yeasts. Goal is to create wines with energy and full respect for the environment. Vineyards are located in three different close-by areas on total of seven hectares. Vines are bush vines to protect from Sicilian sun, but also from hail. Soils are of black or dark grey basalt, sometimes sandy and often rocky. The cellar has nine qvevris for wine fermentation and aging which is an ancient Georgian way to make wine, hence the first was a gift from a Georgian wine maker.

Do note you can not purchase wines during the visit, but will receive information of local wine stores where to find them.

To this date:

– 7 hectars of vineyards

– 30,000 bottles/ year

Black grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Alicante

White grapes: Carricante, Grecanico, Minella Bianco, Catarratto

Host: Ambra (Thank you so much!)

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