When wineries do different kind of tastings!

Here at Sicilian winery Palmento Costanzo we try three wines from yards located side by side by the Northern slopes of Etna. The main name for all three wines is Contrada Santo Spirito, but divided in lot names (see wine bottles below). Grapes for all three are 90% Nerello Mascalese and 10% Nerello Cappuccio. Both indigenous Etna grapes. Names from the glass in the middle to the right:
– Particella (lot) 466
– Particella 468
– Particella 464.

Even with grapes growing so close to each other but on different lots, the wines are completely different.
– 466 is more light, more for aperitif, and not much storage potentiality.
– 468 has more tannin, more structure and has great storage potentiality.
– 464 is more stressed as the soil requires more work for the roots to dig through the lava soil to find water, and it shows in the wine. Very acid in the beginning until it calms down. (This was my favorite, a wine that travels on the palate).

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