Welcome to Sicily Wine & Dine

Welcome to the fine wine and gourmet world of Sicily.

From Lapland Sweden to Sicily.
After years in fashion I decided to change life completely, and Sicily was the key for it. With no plans, no job, no nothing and didn’t speak the language I packed my bags and moved.
First year I noticed changes in my health and the high quality of Sicilian produce, so I opened a company to help Sicilian organic producers on the European market. Since 2008 I’m a solo entrepreneur in my lifestyles. Here I also started down-sizing focusing on true values in life, now heading towards off-grid living.
This channel and technology is funded by Covid-19 funds I received during lock down, to give back to the society.

Sommelier and technical in my backpack. Red wine and brut passionate. Eat everything.

“Food brings people together. Wine makes people talk.” – Sicily Wine & Dine

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Additional info: Kindly respect I am not anyone’s passport to Sicily. Any requests of help to set up a business here, buying homes or free vacation programs will discretely be ignored. Do you work for free? For business inquiries contact me through LinkedIn. I work only Sicilian produce.