Etna still White Wine & Champagne tasting

One of the most important wine events in Sicily is going on now, Vini Milo. 🥂🍷 Attended a very interesting Etna still white wine and Champagne (one brut) tasting with food pairing. Five wines from each area. Event was named “Lapilli & Champagne”.

Below listed which wines were tasted with which pairing, and correct order:

🥂 Cantine Edomè – Aitna 2021and Blanquette de LimouxBaron Maxime. With Oysters

🥂Azienda Agricola Iuppa – Lindo 2020 and Boulard Bauquaire Brut Tradition. With Escargot

🥂Agricola Falcone “Pontemida” – Rachele 2021 and Champagne Jamart Carte Blanche Brut. With swordfish caponata

🥂Cantine di Nessuno – Milus 2020 and Boulard Bauquaire Brut Nature. With Anchovy Croutons

🥂Tenuta di Fessina – Musmeci 2020 and Th Petit Grand Cru d’Ambonnay. With Bottarga Croutons

Personal top pairing was Champagne Jamart Carte Blanche Brut with escargots, following Cantine di Nessuno – Milus 2020 with Anchovy Croutons and Th Petit Grand Cru d’Ambonnay with Bottarga Croutons. Was bit of a rebel jumping the list, and actually tasted one oyster with Azienda Agricola Iuppa – Lindo 2020, which was a very nice pairing.

Do note! Palate is individual.

Best Champagne was Jamart Carte Blanche Brut, 100% Meunier. The Etna wineries I know from before, step by step in own future posts.

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