Vertical tasting with Etna winery I Vigneri – Salvo Foti

Stunning vertical tasting with Sicilian I Vigneri. Winery owner is a leading Etna wine producer, Salvo Foti. Has vineyards in three different weather directions on the volcano, and started his wine passion 1981. 🥂🌋

In this vertical tasting we did the opposite and started with the youngest vintage: 2021-2020-2019-2017-2016

Wine: Palmento Caselle, Grape: 100% Carricante

Vertical tastings are my favourites as you can see how the wine differs each year due to the weather conditions, time of harvest, age of the vines and so on. 2021 is of course very young with much citrus, fennel leaf and high acidity. Not even bottled yet. When travelling through the years the acidity calms down, body builds up, finish differs and step by step more first aromas comes up like tomato leaf, cucumber, stone fruits, wet stone and cloudberry. Then to secondary like bit butter in the 2019 and some tannins in the 2016.

Every wine tastes different and Salvo explained weather conditions like 2021 was quite normal summer and important rains came April, while 2019 they had to keep a very close eye on the perfect harvest date due to variable weather, whereof 2019 was a very easy harvest thanks to stabile weather.

2016 was the very first production of Palmento Caselle. Do note the winery is very strict with sustainability where e.g. all plastics are forbidden.

With Salvo was three witty young men who individually described their palate experiences, and it is very interesting as all three had own descriptions. One even said that a Salvo vintage gave him a hard on, not sure if WSET will insert that as a description any time soon. *laughing*

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